Introducing New Colors

A handful of existing colors have made the jump to new bases! Hojas, English Rose, Boreal, and Diana are now available in our Nube unspun roving, while Rasta is now available in Diana, Frank Ochre, Reflecting Pool, Sabiduria and Sombras. But this is not all, we also have all these colors, now, in Rios: Pearl, Cereza, Whales Road, Water Green, Hojas, Reflecting Pool, Apple Green, Sabiduria, Frank Ochre, Diana, Cielo y Tierra, Queguay and Aniversario (all these besides grays) Hooray new colors!

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Introducing Aniversario Color

To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we've created a new color called Aniversario. Aniversario features a large dose of bright violets and pinks, to which we added greens, blues, yellows, and oranges (almost bordering on reds.) Its palette is marked by cold tones disrupted by the warmth of the yellow, creating a contrast that we love! It is dyed with 3 separate dye baths, using our unique Aquarella process. We hope you will enjoy knitting and wearing this color as much as we enjoyed developing it. You can find this color in the following yarns: Arroyo, Mecha, Mechita, Rios, Rasta and Sock.

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Introducing Grays of Rios

We certainly love color, but we thought it was time to embrace the beauty and depth of a good gray - or 8 good grays, to be precise (Antonio says he would have liked to do 50 Shades, but 8 will have to do *wink*.) These colors - Sand Storm, Tormenta, Winter Lake, Cirrus Gray, Nimbus Gray, Cloud Sunshine, Ilusion and Tranquilo- are available only in Rios and are ready to become wardrobe staples. 

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