Finito has changed and has new colors!

The individual fibers are nearly as fine as cashmere, and the finished 2-ply fingering-weight yarn has a downy halo of absolute luxury- truly a joy to knit and wear. 


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New yarn: Washted !

This time, we turned our sights on Worsted and created a Superwash version. This new yarn is now machine-washable and easy-care, earning it the name, Washted. This project has been a long time coming and hopefully when you inspect the sample we've provided you'll see every second spent crafting something we already love.

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Introducing Book 15: Time for Hats!

We´ve created this book with the hope it inspires you to warm your own head, as well as the heads of your loved ones. And, of course, we want you to have an amazing time knitting! 


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TriBeCa in Rasta

We are happy to introduce a new line of colors to our Rasta palette. It is our aim in this collection to inspire the creativity of designers and knitters who have been requesting these fashion focused style colors from us. 

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Introducing Book 12: Elements

Richly textured "Earth" designs in their gorgeous neutral shades were inspired by leaves, bark, and the very ground itself. In the "Water designs", we see flowing lines and rippley ruffles. The "Air" patterns make use of our lightest weight yarns and intricate, often-lacy details that let the wind flow through. And "Fire" is all about bold, flickering colors and flame-like points.

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Introducing Book 13 & 14

We are releasing two simultaneously.

Books 13 and 14. Book 13, called Shawl Road, is dedicated to shawls and Book 14, Mechita & Sock, contains designs that use these yarns interchangeably.

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Mechita Quinteto

The new colors of mechita "Quinteto" are a set of 5 colors which combined with each other, create a gorgeous gradient sequence. 

Mechita Moon Trio

We introduce to all of you the new Moon Trio in Mechita. These are three gradient colors that can be used together, or combined with other yarns!

Dos Tierras new colors

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