Street Art by Paola Albergamo A Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project Collection

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We are beyond excited that designer Paola Albergamo agreed to focus her creative flair on combining our yarns with her vision for a collection celebrating the Street Art of her home, Rome. As is often the case in our Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project, anything I try to write about these amazing designs can't hold a candle to hearing directly from the designer. Each of the stunning pieces in this collection is a well thought out, cunningly designed, work of art. But enough from me, let's hear from Paola!

It’s not a secret that I love all the different forms of Street Art. Writings, Graffiti, Murales, Stencil art, Sticker art, reverse graffiti to name some of the different techniques I know that are displayed on  the walls of our cities.

I live in a working-class district of Rome and, while I love it because of its low prices, friendly people and for the lively night life, I cannot deny that its architecture is poor and its green areas are scarce and quite dirty.

That’s why I’m so grateful for all the street art that gives color and joy to otherwise grey and dull walls of my neighborhood. When I take a walk in search for inspirations, I cannot count on fresh nature and beautiful flowers (though they appear here and there, when you less expect to see them!) or interesting architecture.

That’s why the colors and the shapes that catch my eyes in my everyday life are the ones offered for free by these casual spots of happiness on public walls. I know the places that writers and artists use the most and try to go there as often as I can to see their always changing, fleeting works, take pictures and be inspired.

The Pink Arch Shawl

This shawl is inspired by a graffiti writing near my house, with its unusual pink color. The detail that caught my eye is the semicircle showing on the top-right corner with the play of small circles of color around it, making it looks like a shawl on the graffiti “shoulders”.

Yarn: Mechita in Double Bass, English Rose, and Polar Morn.

Flying Diamonds Swoncho

Not a sweater, not a poncho, Flying Diamonds is a cozy layering piece, inspired by a shiny and colorful graffiti on a wall near my house. The graffiti has a detail that caught my attention: that diagonal gray stripe containing two white diamonds, similar to two eyes watching you from behind the wall. I tried to replicate this detail with the striking Mosaic Stripe dividing the Front of the piece from the Left Sleeve.

Yarn: Rastita in Plomo and Natural, Dos Tierras in Solis

City on Fire Shawl

City on Fire was inspired by a particular graffiti, on the wall of the local middle school. It is a stylized depiction of a burning city, with a grey tower surrounded by red flames.

Yarn: Finito in Cereza, Bronce, and Mostaza

Arrows Hat and Mitts Set

This set was by a piece on a school wall near my new house (yay!). It represents a lot of arrow pointing to the center from different starting point, using an explosion of different colors! The marlisle technique used for this set gives an interesting result, so similar to some raw drawing on the walls, when the paint is already fading, but the shapes are still visible.

Yarn: Sock in Aniversario and Pearl

Make sure to click through to each of the pattern's Ravelry pages to read more about the different Innovative constructions and see the details for each individual piece. The patterns are available both individually and as an e-book.

Another can't miss is Paola's Instagram feed where you can see super fun animated gifs of her patterns.

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