Malabrigo Quickies Friendship Mitts

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It’s October, so that means that we are in prime knitting season! So many Fiber Festivals and events are right around the corner, and we also have a fun Quickies project perfect for the season!


Designer Moira Engel brings us Friendship Gloves worked in Malabrigo Finito.


Moira says: A set of twin pre-teen girls who are very dear to my heart asked me to make them gloves that look like friendship bracelets. I had absolutely no idea, but the idea percolated for a while and the Latvian Braid kept invading my brain. So these are my Friendship Gloves, inspired by friendship bracelets. The color-work is mosaic, which I feel is a fun and magical way to work in color. 1 skein of each colour will complete both versions.



I just love how she has provided a warm, cozy, modern twist on friendship bracelets, don’t you? I’m also in love with how she has used the Latvian Braid to perfectly decorate this piece. 


You can find the pattern here:


Be sure to check out the rest of Moira’s designs here:

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