Malabrigo Quickie: Trefoils Pour Toi Shawl

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For our February Quickie we are pleased to introduce the Trefoils Pour Moi Shawl.

This amazing crochet shawl pattern is from designer Denise Voie de Vie. When Denise proposed her idea to us I couldn't say yes quickly enough. The idea of a delicate lace shawl combining both Lace and Silkpaca? How is that for luxury? Both of these lace yarns are amazing to crochet with and her choice to combine a variegated with a solid is just brilliant!

You can see in this detail shot how Pink Frost on Silkpaca plays off perfectly agains the Arco Iris on Lace. And I can just imagine how so very silky soft this piece is. 

We asked Denise to write a few thoughts about her new design:

Inspiration can come from most anywhere, and in this instance it started at the edging. I was (and still am) in a trefoil phase - it was the subject of a few small personal paintings and other mixed media. The exploration of the symbol led me to swatch the edging stitch pattern fairly quickly. The rest of the shawl basically fell into place as a vehicle for the trefoil-ish edging. Sometimes, that's just how it goes. 
These two bases work incredibly well together and produced a shawl that is light and airy. Not only will it travel well and be a great warm weather accessory, but these two fibers blocked like a dream. 
Use as much or as little of that as you'd like. For your info (and if you find it helpful), my finished measurements: approx. 70" x 23" (at widest point).
Then we asked if she could suggest some other color combinations that she thought would work well together and she was more than happy to oblige!
Sabiduria on Lace/Frank Ochre on Silkpaca 
No me olvides on Lace/Lettuce on Silkpaca
Cereza on Lace/Glazed Carrot on Silkpaca
Additionally, two light, neutral colorways together could make an incredible wedding shawl, like a combo in either of the bases of pollen, pearl and/or natural. I could go on for a while here, but I won't. :)
We cannot wait to see what two colors you choose to crochet up in this pattern!
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