Malabrigo Quickie Brunnera Mitts by Jen Lucas

This entry was posted on 11th February, 2019 by Barbara .

Fingerless mitts are so much fun to knit and wear, and when designer Jen Lucas proposed these easy knit mitts to highlight Rios it was a perfect match. She named the pattern Brunnera (click here for pattern) which I had to google. I discovered it is a beautiful plant with interesting, intricate texture, which makes it a great name for these textured mitts. 

Let's hear about the pattern in the designer's own words:

Brunnera is an easy fingerless mitts pattern that has a fun texture worked throughout. The combination of Stockinette stitch, garter stitch, and a textured slipped stitch pattern make these mitts extra squishy! The slipped stitches are perfect for the slight variegation in the Kris colorway. Knit in the Rios yarn base, Brunnera will keep you warm for those last few days of winter.

I really cannot get enough of this stunning new Rios color Kris. It has such depth of color it positively glows. If you haven't seen all of the new colors that came out in 2018, you should go check them out under yarns. Then you can pick out your favorite and knit up your own pair of these amazing mitts!

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