2019 New Year New Color

This entry was posted on 2nd January, 2019 by Barbara .

Every year the color experts over at Pantone look into their crystal ball and predict a "Color of the Year". When they annouced that the color for 2019 was Living Coral it set our creative wheels in motion, we were inspired!

We decided to work with Rios because, well, we all love Rios and it is such a wonderful yarn to work with we thought it would be a perfect match. As always, it takes time to develop a color until it is perfect enough to bear the Malabrigo name; and then we have to produce enough of it so that you will be able to find it in your favorite LYS. 

But we wanted to share some initial photos with you all first thing in the new year so that you can start planning what you will create with our beautiful new color CORAL! Your very own squishy skeins of this amazing hue will hit the stores in late February of 2019 - so be on the look out and reserve some time on your needles and hooks!

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