Saturate Desaturate a Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project from Kirsten Kapur

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This collection started with a brilliant idea courtsey of the talented Kirsten Kapur, to create patterns that would look equally good when worked in a single understated color or in multiple brilliant colors. Honestly, it was a tall design challenge but Kirsten has proven that she was up to the task with Saturate Desaturate.


This stunning collection includes 5 patterns and honestly Kirsten can explain it better than I.

I have always been drawn to the challenge of creating patterns that work as well in a single muted shade, as they do using two or more bold colors. My goal is to have enough going on so that the solid piece is still interesting to knit and wear, while at the same time have logical points to add in a second or third color, and not become too busy when those colors are added.

This collection, contains five original patterns, each work as well in neutral shades as they do in bold bright colors. The patterns may be purchased individually or as an ebook.

Dorothy's Wildflowers is a silken dream in Mora when you cobine Pearl Ten with English Rose or use Pearl on its own.

Kim's Pinecones tops things off perfectly (I love pom poms) in Rasta using the combo of Frank Ochre and Cucumber as well as worked simply in Fog.

Use Rios to create a riot of color (Kirsten used Clazed Carrot, Peachy, Holly Hock, and Aquamarine) or a subtle statement (Whole Grain and Natural) when you knit Mutti's Blueberries.

Break out your brioche skills in Mary's Angelica which absolutely pops in a combination of Dill, Manzanilla Olive and Coral or let the deep texture shine in Natural.

Wrap up with Teresa's Pansies knit up in Dos Tierras Polar Morn to match absolutely everything or in a mix of Inciecita and Whales Road for a little color fun.

The color choices you can make in this collection are absolutely endless and we cannot wait to see all of the beautiful pieces you knit up!

All photos (c) Gale Zucker.


November Quickie Deer meets Skull by Meret Buetzberger

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The first Quickie for this month is a two for one super fun knit! With the double knitting technique designer Meret Buetzberger has given us not one but two different colorwork patterns for her snuggly headbands knit out of Sock! You can get a hint of what is to come with the pattern name Deer meets Skull!

First off we have a traditional leaping deer motif. The way that double knitting works means that the headbands are fully reversible and that you have a Chocolate deer on an Impressionist Sky background and on the other side you have the opposite!

Your second design option is a bit more renegade with a combination of skulls and snowflakes. Considering this headband will keep your skull super warm I get quite the giggle out of this version of the pattern!

Let's hear what the designer has to say about the pattern:

You can never have enough headbands and since I couldn't decide if I preferred traditional or freaky, I simply made both. Closely connected to the Swiss farmer traditions, I love to incorporate old motifs into my knitwear designs, but I just can't resist skulls.

I chose the colors "Chocolate" and "Impressionist Sky", but the Malabrigo Socks has so many beautiful colors and many combination possibilities, like for example

Fucsia & Matisse Blue

Frank Ochre & Teal Feather or Cian

Terracotta & Pearl

or something very different: Black & Archangel

I love the different color combinations that she has selected and I cannot wait to see all of the different headbands that come from knitters around the world!

Popular on Instagram for October, 2018

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November is here, and the year is almost over. I seem to repeat myself a lot but after August the year has just flewn by! With lots of gorgeous knitting and wool pictures to enjoy, though!

Lets see what October had in store for us.

Big Herringbone Cowl by Purl Soho, knitted by biggieco, using malabrigo Rios in Diana 


Argyle Love Hat by Laura Heisler, using malabrigo Worsted in Cumparsita. 

Beeswax Cowl by Amy van de Laar, knitted by stephisanerd, using malabrigo Worsted in Frank Ochre. 

Washington Square by Yoko Hatta (???),  using malabrigo Mecha in Aniversario and Tabacos

Puratoke Mitts by Sabine Kastner,  using malabrigo Sock in Eggplant. 

What do you think? Is your favourite on the list?

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See you next month!


We really enjoy showcasing the work knitters do with our yarns, and have dedicated most of our presence online to do so. Obviously one of the reasons is it's the best way to show our product, for others to see how it looks when worked up in different patterns, but we also think it's important to put a big spotlight on the knitters out there that do a wonderful job.

It's in this spirit that we would like to leave in the blog the 5 projects that you liked best from our Instagram account, as a sort of snapshot of the month.

Malabrigo Quickie: The Rainbow and the West Wind by Christy Furlan

This entry was posted on 26th October, 2018 by Barbara .

When you take one of our multi-color variegated yarns paired with a solid and throw in some slipped stitches you kinda get magic! Or at least in the hands of talented designer Christy Furlan you do! She created this month's Quickie for us and called it The Rainbow and the West Wind. 

This long and loopy cowl features Rios on a size 8 needle, so it knits up fairly quickly in to a fun riot of color. Or, should you be feeling a little more reserved, it would look just as beautiful in two semi-solids.

Let's hear from the designer herself on the inspiration behind this piece.

I’m a Greek mythology nerd. Since I was a little kid, I have loved reading Greek myths and the modern stories they inspire. With these stories floating around my head, I instantly think of Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow, when I see rainbow yarn. And, wow, can Malabrigo do rainbow yarn! 

In the world of Greek mythology, Iris was married to Zephyros, the god of the west wind. For this design, I wanted to find a way to knit up the image in my head of the west wind rushing to embrace the rainbow. This is represented in the design by the garter stripes continuously flowing towards the rainbow mosaic stockinette sections. The arc of the rainbow is also echoed in the matching I-cord cast on and bind-off. 

Are you passionate about Greek mythology? Or perhaps just Malabrigo’s amazing rainbow yarn? Then grab your needles and cast on a blustery rainbow of your own!

The designer used Pearl as her base and then paired it with Diana in the long sample and Arco Iris in the shorter one. Both look amazing and I cannot wait to see what other combos knitters come up with! 

Pop over to Ravelry to get your own copy of the pattern and then go visit your favorite LYS to choose your own colors!